Our Curriculum


Tate International School is unique in its approach, providing an authentic learning experience for our students. Respect, confidence and self-acceptance lie at the core of our self-deveopment objectives. 

What can you expect from our curriculum?

  • A CAMBRIDGE ALIGNED curriculum 

  • A focus on the 5 E's OF LEARNING as set out by major pedagogical authorities. In basic terms, all our lesson plans follow a similar structure, aimed at guiding students through the logical steps of learning, which includes:

    1. ENGAGE - students discuss what they already know about a topic, ask questions and compare prior knowledge​

    2. EXPLORE - students further explore the topic at hand, accumulating information and resources through teacher facilitation

    3. EXPLAIN - students demonstrate the understanding of new knowledge acquired on the topic and summarise key concepts

    4. ELABORATE - students apply their newfound knowledge to various contexts to make their learning applicable and relevant

    5. EVALUATE - teacher assessment on whether the new concepts have been grasped successfully. This happens through formal and informal assessment procedures.​​​​​​

  • Matrix of  ONLINE AND TRADITIONAL teaching - our world class online learning platform is used in class ​in conjunction with traditional teacher/student models. This keeps the classroom environment interesting and the teaching relevant and accessible.

  • Daily MINDFULNESS PRACTICES - in a world that is fast-paced and focussed on accumulation and excess, we encourage our students ​to take a moment daily to focus inward, practice gratitude and think on ways to leave their positive mark in the world around them. Mindful youngsters become mindful adults, with the propensity to manage their emotions and relationships in a beneficial way.

  • UNIQUE ASSESSMENT CRITERIA - we feel that students best display their mastery of knowledge in an informal setting. Therefore, our assesments are based on a ratio of 70:30 informal to formal (tests) assessments. Most other academic institutions use a ratio of 70% formal testing to 30% informal assessments

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