Meet the Team

At Tate we are a team of expert educators that focus on delivering the best teaching, guiding and educational experience and results for our students. Each of the team members below focus on a particular tuition unit and is the go-to person for any queries, advice and guidance.

Lieze Puren

Managing Director and Principal

Lieze started her teaching journey in London after obtaining her teaching degree in 1998 at the University of Potchefstroom in the Northwest province. During her time in the United Kingdom, she completed her Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), which gave her the opportunity to be internationally qualified. This qualification has given Lieze an extra dimension to the educational needs of children globally. After six years of teaching and travelling the globe, she returned to the shores of South Africa and settled in Cape Town. Lieze accepted a post at the International School of Hout Bay, where she worked for two years, co-ordinating the SAT’s programme and managing the sports programme for the Preparatory School.

In 2006, Lieze started her tenure at Chesterhouse School in Durbanville. In 2013, she was promoted as Head of the Preparatory School where she gained a vast amount of experience in all aspects of education. It was here that Lieze realised that all children learn in different ways and a unique approach to education is the way forward. This inspired Lieze to complete her B Ed Honours degree in Educational Management and use her experience to embark on a new journey. Lieze’s belief in the importance of the holistic development of the child was paramount to the birth of Clever Kids Learning Hub, now Tate International School. When there is order in the environment, there is order in the mind.

Nikki began her tertiary education with a Montessori diploma and taught in London at The Kindergartens. During her break from working, Nikki had 4 children and studied for a BSc (Hons) in Psychology. She went back to teaching at The Kindergartens and headed up Crescent III Kindergarten, London. The family then moved to South Africa where Nikki spent time raising her children before embarking on the venture of Clever Kids Learning Hub, now Tate International School. Her passion has always been children with special needs in education and she has experienced it first hand, as her eldest son has dyslexia.

During the last 20 years, Nikki’s journey in education has been an informative and varied one. Her belief is that every child can learn if each child’s needs are fulfilled and their interests are ignited. All children need to believe in themselves and to find a passion of their own to motivate them to strive for their best. Responsibility and self-discipline go hand-in-hand with their needs being provided for, so that a confident, motivated and aspiring young adult goes out into the world, ready for all that lies ahead.

Nikki Puren

Operations Director


Esmarie Carstens 

Team Leander 

Systems Administrator

Esmarie has completed her BA Psychology degree and has worked with Nikki and Lieze for 6 and a half years as learning support, a private facilitator and was our first teacher at Tate International School. Esmarie has a passion for teaching kids with learning barriers and has a wide range of experience with helping to overcome them.

Esmarie believes that incorporating the digital world within the school environment is the only way forward. She completed a certificate in Instructional Design at WITS and is currently working on managing our Tate World project to enable our pupils to learn in more interactive ways. Esmarie is also our in house photographer and social media co-ordinator.

Jenny has been teaching in Early Years for 8 years. She grew up in Pretoria, before moving to Dubai in 2001, where she lived for 12 years. Jenny spent many years in commercial business before finding her passion for early childhood education in Dubai. She obtained a UK teaching qualification while working at the diverse cultural Repton International School in Dubai in the Early Years Department for 3 years.

Jenny returned to South Africa in July 2013 where she took up a position at Reddam House Durbanville, formerly known as Chesterhouse International School, in January 2014. Here she taught Nursery for 5 years, using the Reggio Emilia teaching approach for the last 2 ½ years. Jenny fell in love with the freedom of expression, curiosity-driven learning, focus on nature and the community of the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy values. In 2017, she completed a qualification in Adult Basic Education and Training through UNISA.

She is dedicated to the social and emotional development of the children and makes it her goal to ensure that each child receives the best care and love that they all deserve. Jenny loves the hands-on experience of learning through play with young students. With her patience, flexibility and love every unique child reaches their full potential.

Jenny joined Tate International School in January 2019. She is the Head of our Junior School and teaches our Pre-School Nursery and Reception class.


Jenny Van Veyeren

Operations Manager

Pre-Primary School & Jnr School

Max Fourie

Team Leader


I started at Tate International School 1 and a half years ago. I came to this school a lost and unconfident boy, but through the help of Tate International, I have matured into a self-confident and positive young man. I completed my IGCSE course last year November and this year have moved on to A-S levels. I do 4 subjects (Maths, English, Biology and Physics), but am more interested in the 2 Sciences. I hope to one day get a degree in Engineering, or a degree in Criminal Psychology/Human Behavioral Sciences. 

At the school I attended poetry club and am very interested in english writing. I look forward to the next year with Tate International!

Maryanne earned her Bachelor Degree in Education for Foundation Phase at the Nelson Mandela University in 2005. She has taught in the Foundation Phase since then, focusing on Grade 1 from 2009 to date. Maryanne is a professional and driven English-speaking teacher with 13 years of teaching experience in the Foundation Phase.  She has a passion for assisting young children reach their full potential while realising their capabilities in a child-centred and engaging environment.

Maryanne McDonald

Team Leader

Grade 1

Caitlin van Dyk

Team Leader

Grade 2

Caitlin has a passion for inclusive and creative education. In 2015, she received her Bachelor's Degree in Education for Foundation and Intermediate Phase at the Centre for Creative Education. Before teaching at Tate, she taught at pioneering farm schools around the Western Cape including, Grade 1 - 3 at Raphaeli Waldorf School in Plettenberg Bay. She has also taught Music and Drama for the Seniors at Bay Primary and was the Music Teacher and Librarian at West Riding Primary School. Her enthusiasm for music led her to conducting children's choirs, recorder and marimba ensembles. Her story-telling and singing voice can be heard everyday from her joyful classroom.

Jennifer comes with a wealth of experience teaching in the foundation phase. Jennifer started with Tate International School, previously Clever Kids Learning Hub, in Jan 2017. 

She teaches our Gr.3 class.

Jennifer Foster

Team Leader

Grade 3

Marike Eloff

Team Leader

Grade 4

Marike is an experienced, enthusiastic and focused teacher who is committed to safeguarding and promoting the education and well-being of children and young people at all times. She is passionate about giving young children the best possible education in life, and enjoys working in a busy environment and relishes the challenge of managing a diverse workload. Marike is able to establish a supportive relationship with not only students but also their parents and fellow teachers all with the aim of promoting and reinforcing a student’s independence and self-esteem. She is someone who is fundamentally committed to good practise and innovation and who is very much a team player. Marike is always engaged in continuous learning in order to broaden her knowledge and experience, she is confident, passionate and enthusiastic about working with children. She earned her Teaching B.Ed at North West University and she spent a year teaching Grade 2 at Al Ittihad Private School in Dubai and 18 months teaching Grade 1 at Cooper College.

Connie began her teaching journey in Thailand, where she taught English to a variety of grades. She returned to South Africa after a year in Thailand to teach at El Shaddai Christian Academy, Eastern Cape. Connie taught Grades 5 to 7 and gained great experience with children who have learning barriers within a mainstream system. This is where she saw the need for smaller environments for children with learning barriers or who suffer from anxiety. Connie’s next post took her to Kiddi Care Academy, where she worked with children with special needs. Connie was the HOD of the Senior Phase for this pre-school and gained valuable leadership experience. Connie joined Tate International School in August 2018 after relocating to Cape Town and took over from Taryn Roos in Grade 3. She is now our Grade 5 teacher.

Connie Holtshausen

Team Leader

Grade 5

Rita Eloff

Team Leader

Grade 6

Rita joined Tate International School as our Middle School Head. She will also be teaching the Grade 6 class. Rita has 30 years teaching experience and was the Academic Head at The Assembly of God in Rustenberg. She is passionate about giving young children the best possible education in life and is able to establish a supportive relationship with, not only students, but also their parents and fellow teachers, all with the aim of promoting and reinforcing a student’s independence and self-esteem. We are very fortunate to have Rita as part of our Tate Team.

Sebastiaan is the Grade 7 Teacher of Tate International School. He has graduated and obtained his B.Ed in 2020. Sebastiaan perceives education and learning as an on-going adventure filled with quests, dragons and rewards. He takes pride in having the ability to create a fun and engaging classroom environment which promotes learning and celebrates creativity, inclusivity and individuality. Sebastiaan's main goal, aside from providing students with their educational needs, is to ensure that his students are equipped with the emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills that they will need when faced with the ups and downs of everyday life.

Sebastiaan van Wyk

Team Leader

Grade 7

Charlotte Bruyns 

Team Leader

Grade 8

Charlotte comes with 38 years of experience in the teaching profession. She started her career at Panorama Primary, where she taught a Grade 5 and 6 class and headed up the English and Maths department for 8 years. Charlotte then took some time off to raise her children, but went back into teaching in 2002. She took up a post at De Kuilen Primary School, where she was the Mathematics Lead teacher and acting Head of Department in the Intermediate and Senior Phase.

Charlotte has extensive experience in Public speaking and preparing children for the Tygerberg Eisteddfod in unprepared reading, creative writing and poetry. In her free time, Charlotte also taught Mathematics up to Grade 12, where she prepared the students for their end of year exams. In 2013 she took up a post at Reddam House Durbanville, previously known as Chesterhouse International School as the Grade 7 Head and taught Maths from Grade 5 to 7. Charlotte is our Senior School and College Head and teaches Maths in our Senior School and College.

Anika studied B.Ed intermediate and senior phase at CPUT Wellington. After completing her studies, she decided to go abroad and teach English to kindergarten students in Thailand. She then worked in government schools in South Africa where she taught various subjects to various grades. Anika took a break from teaching to work on a superyacht in Turkey and then went to the Middle East where she taught English and Social Studies in Doha, Qatar. She first started working with Tate International School in November 2020 as a content writer for their online platform. Anika immediately felt at home and she is incredibly thankful to have been offered a full-time position for the subjects and grades that she always envisioned herself teaching when she first started studying education.

Anika teaches Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and History in our Senior School, and Geography in our College.

Anika Filmalter

Team Leader

Grade 9

Daniel Prins

Team Leader

Grade 10

Daniel holds an Honours degree in Social Anthropology, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate of Education; majoring in English and History. 

Students respond positively to Daniel’s fun and engaging teaching style. He has been teaching for 11 years - having taught in a variety of different contexts: from China, to South Africa, from young students, to old. Students respond positively to Daniel’s amicable teaching style: upbeat and engaging. He likes to try new methods of teaching; trying to improve himself and surprising his students with something never before seen and interesting. Daniel prides himself on having a democratic classroom, characterised by freedom of expression and a space where every individual can grow and learn to find themselves. Daniel doesn’t like to tell you what to think: instead he wants to give you the tools to figure things out for yourself.

Daniel teaches English in our Senior School and College.

During 2020 we also welcomed Bernard Morris into our Senior School and College. Bernard specialises in all things business. He has a Higher Diploma in Education, a National Diploma in Cost Accounting, and focuses on Business Studies, Economics and Accounting. Bernard has 32 years teaching experience under his belt and has joined Tate International School with the view to modernise the way business is taught to our 21st Century students. He would love to witness our current students thrive in the entrepreneurship when they leave Tate at the end of their educational journey. 

Bernard Morris

Team Leader

Grade 11



Team Leader

Grade 12

In January 2020 we welcomed our new Science Teacher, Tasu, or Mr T as the students have affectionately named him. Tasu comes with an immense amount of knowledge and passion for all things science, including Computer Science. He holds a Bachelors Teaching Degree, specialising in Chemistry and Physics AND an Engineering Degree in Mechatronics. He is also in the process of completing his Honours in Special Needs Education. We are tremendously blessed to have Tasu on our team and look forward to all the science learning and experiments that are going to take place.

Tasu teaches Sciences and Computer Science in our College and AS level Maths.

Mariëtte started her studies at the University of the Free State in 1975 where she completed her BA Communications degree in Journalism in 1978. She started teaching in Bloemfontein in 1979. In 1985 she joined the SABC as Public Relations Officer. During the same year she started with her Honours Degree in Afrikaans, which she passed cum laude. In 1987 she started her Master’s Degree in Afrikaans and worked on her thesis for 4 years until the birth of her son in 1990. The thesis was never handed in, as motherhood became her first priority. From 2000 to 2005 she worked in their joined architectural studio with her husband and started to make huge modern paintings. In 2005 she went to Venice to study the works and techniques of the Italian artist Tintoretto. In 2009 she started teaching art at SWPS and at the same time taught at the private schools; Montgomery and Miller and Zamar. Mariëtte joined Tate International in 2020. She teaches Afrikaans and Art. She is passionate about education, art and horses and believes that every child deserves the best education possible.

Mariette Horne 

Team Leader

Afrikaans and Art


Jeannie Botes

Team Leader

French and Music

Jeannie’s journey with children started in 2011 whilst volunteering at an NGO in Limpopo. Post matric she worked at Noah’s Ark Orphanage and helped run a Kindergarten for 2 years. She spent a year in Cape Town and completed a bridging course in music at Campus of Performing Arts (COPA). She then embarked on her journey as a music teacher at St. Mary’s Primary School. She completed her BA degree in Language and Culture at Stellenbosch University, majoring in French, English and Theatre Studies. During this time, she continued to teach music and  worked as an Aupair. Knowing what lies ahead of each French student, Jeannie understands that passion and dedication are what is necessary for them to succeed. She encourages an atmosphere of positivity and multi-sensorial learning in her classroom. Whilst applauding students in their individuality, she makes a point to encourage them to push themselves when necessary. Her passion for French and Music is something she aspires to leave behind with each learner at the end of the day. 

Carine studied fitness at ETA specialising in personal training and kinderkinetics in 2016, where she learned to develop neuro-motoric movement of young children (0-13 years) through scientifically based physical activity.
Currently she is studying for a bachelor in education through UNISA specialising in foundation phase. She loves working with children and has a natural understanding of their development. 

Carine is our aftercare manager and teaches exercise to our junior school.

Carine Geldenhuys

Team Leader

Exercise and Aftercare

Erminia Vittali

Team Leader

Cooking and Gardening

Erminia comes to Tate International with a wealth of experience in catering and an innate of passion for all things growing. She has owned and managed several tuck shops in schools in our local area and catered for private functions.

Erminia leads our cooking and gardening program for whole school. She is also managing Tate International School's tuck shop.

Veronica has been in the service industry for 21 years. She has a passion for anything she puts her mind to and is very particular in her work. She is very friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Veronica is our custodian and does a sterling job of keeping our building sanitised and virus free.


Team Leader