Admission & Enrolment

Affiliation with Tate International School can take many forms and we invite you to contact us and share some thoughts of how an Affiliation can work. 



Please view our Videos related to these two options and be inspired  


Tate has a particular admissions process and it is designed to ensure that your child has the best possible chance of success at Tate. It also helps our teaching team to understand your child. 

Please therefore review the following pages before submitting your application:


And lastly

Admission to Tate International School is at the discretion of the Tate Executive Management team, however the Tate Admissions Policy Aims to Ensure:

  • That we offer places to children from 3 years to Grade 12 on the basis that Tate International School can provide for their emotional, academic and social needs.

  • That no child is disadvantaged because of reasons relating to ethnicity, religion, culture, family background, disability or home language.


Affiliations & Franchised Schools

After reading the content of this website you may want to enrol your child at a Tate School but are not able to find a school close to you

The demand for the Tate School curriculum and its methodologies have astounded us, we are growing at a significant pace but if however there is not yet a school in your region please contact us we will try our best to ensure that a school is opened near you as soon as possible. Alternatively if you would like to invest in the establishment of a Tate School in your area you are also welcome to contact us. Scroll down and read more about what we offer our affiliate schools.


A Franchisee stands to gain the following from us:


For existing pre-schools and pre-primary schools

  1. Extended and prolonged revenue earning potential from an existing client base. Extending revenue from existing clients for up to 12 years is possible;

  2. No or little additional capital outlay – where possible existing premises could be used or alternatively new premises rented

All Franchises benefit from:

  1. Capitalize on Tate International Department of Education relationship for regulatory support and licensing;

  2. No need to invest in additional Curriculum fees as included in Franchise fee;

  3. Average return on investment exceed 25% per year;

  4. Use Tate International Pre-Designed Lesson Plans and Educational Material;

  5. No need to invest in administration systems and or platforms – Tate provides a complete technology platform for all systems required for school administration such as attendance, billing, rosters, curriculum, lesson plans, assessments, student and parent management;

  6. Tate has a full support team at your disposal and provide the complete required training to run a successful Tate School; 

  7. Tate manages all aspects in terms of Debit Order management, non-payment and arrears fee collections on behalf of Franchisee;

  8. Tate finances the franchise fees and there is no need for an upfront franchise fee as a capital investment;

  9. There are other financial benefits that we will discuss during your application process;

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