Our Ethos

At Tate, we believe each student learns differently...and that is OK! 

We have applied some practical principles which we intuitively know to be best practice for helping children learn well:

  • Continual assessment throughout the Junior School phases up until age 12 - this eradicates the need for overbearing and often stressful written testing and allows students to reflect their true knowledge through continual assessments

  • A No Homework Policy up until Grade 9 - working hard at school means there's no need for additional homework in the younger grades. We believe children learn through play and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is the most important skill you can master

  • Class sizes are small to encourage individual attention and assistance

  • Brain breaks - students are encouraged to take regular breaks to ensure they are fresh and focussed

  • Outdoors - students have a lovely garden area to recharge and get a boost of oxygen rich air to refresh themselves...we even have a Spekboom Corner to make use of all the fabulous benefits Spekbooms offer!


Equal Treatment


Our school is English medium. 


We have a 'Zero Tolerance' policy for bullying and discrimination. We do a daily 'Mindfulness" practice, which is aimed at making sure our students cultivate an attitude of mindfulness, which encapsulates respect for other and their beliefs, as well as the confidence to 'wear' their own beliefs proudly. 


All human rights and rights to freedom of expression are deemed a non-negotiable. Our admissions process is free of discrimination of race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, orientation, property, birth or other status.