Our Ethos

Each student learns and expresses their learning and understanding in different ways. At Tate International School our staff are passionate about providing a platform and a stepping stone for this to take place. Tate International School has a policy of continuous assessments in our Junior School. This eradicates the unnecessary pressure to perform in strict testing environments at a young age. We believe that children up to the age of 12 years achieve successfully in their academics when they can freely express the way they have learnt a concept and applied it. This gives a true indication to their teacher of understanding.


Tate International School also has a No Homework Policy, as we believe there is enough time in a 6 and a half hour school day for all the learning to take place and it is not necessary to go home and repeat it. A balanced lifestyle of work and play is of paramount importance, as this forms an integral part of their holistic development.


Tate International School classrooms are designed to be full of natural light, plenty of resources, warm, colourful and conducive to learning with fun. The children are encouraged to take regular brain breaks to promote a healthy balance in our school day. Brain breaks include individual brain teasing games, puzzles and critical thinking tasks. The use of the outdoor environment is also encouraged for brain breaks as physical activity enhances alertness and concentration.


Equal Treatment

We use English as our medium of instruction but welcome children from many different ethnic groups, background and creeds. Human rights and freedoms are respected but must be balanced with the lawful needs and rules of Tate International School, and the rights and freedoms of others. All candidates for admission will be treated equally, irrespective of their, or their parentsā€™ race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, orientation, property, birth or other status.

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