Learning Through Gaming 

  • Gaming as a tool in education is a growing trend globally and is set to exceed US$ 1 Billion within 3-years, Cambridge announced recently its strategy towards gaming in education.

  • The Tate Technology platform allows us to adopt this future methodology of teaching - today. 

  • A powerful enhancement to formative educational experience – a key aspect to the Tate Vision and Mission and a key differentiator of the School.

  • An integrated solution between modern teaching techniques and administrative functions (reporting, instant qualitative and quantitative feedback to both student, teacher and parent).

  • It is not mindless or pointless jumping, shooting, running, kicking and boxing but provides healthy gaming through problem solving and rewards approach.

  • Tate Gamification should not and is not advocated by Tate to replace the Teacher.

  • Tate Gamification is not intended to replace physical (touch, sense, smell) and real world experiences (interaction peer to peer, teacher to student and other).


  • Capitalizing on Global Best Practices to integrate the key components of successful game theory with education i.e rapid feedback, coaching and positive failure learning modes through self discovery and guided discovery combined with stimulating reward programs.

  • Providing the curriculum in a modern manner to prepare and support the student in a modern technology driven era where confidence in problem solving is a key requirement.

The Tate Game Platform

The Tate Game Platform has been designed and built to support the overall Tate Vision for the current and at least 5 years into the future.
Functional Features Include:
It uses a Rapid Game Development structure, meaning that new games and new game themes can be developed by teachers, parents and our senior students once they have learned basic skills about software development, art creations and have successfully passed Senior School.
Themes are easily selected to provide a differentiation between Grades and to ensure that the games are age appropriate (this includes styling, font sizes, font types etc)



  • It generates motivational participation through leader boards in class, in grade and between Tate schools

  • It provides instant feedback to the student – every action counts even logging into the game creates game points

  • Game points are exchanged for physical rewards such as badges, caps wall posters etc

  • Games levels are computer generated at the time of logging in based on a real time assessment of the learner’s past achievements and areas that require more focus by analyzing the objectives achieved and not achieved 

  • The student is not forcefully analyzed but background subtle assessments are consistent and continuously done this enables the Teacher to pinpoint particular areas where the child requires attention.

  • Parents are able to see exacting review and achievements on their child’s growth 

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