Learning Through Gaming 

​What is GAMING? 

You could not be blamed for thinking it is playing FORTNITE with the gang or, in most parents' case, the memory of PACMAN may be more relevant. But in actual fact, gaming in educational terms, merely refers to implementing aspects of gaming into everyday lessons and assessments. 

The world is moving towards gamification principles in education as it captures

the attention of students and provides an interesting way to teach students new

concepts. At Tate, our online platform incorporates elements of gamification

through assessment tools, allowing students and teachers to get instant feedback

on how the student is doing. Students can literally "learn through mistakes" and

are engaged in an informal way of determining their retention of knowledge. 

Each student is encouraged to create an avatar which will be their alter ego for

online lessons. This removes a sense of anxiety and allows safety in pushing

knowledge boundaries online with fear of peer pressure. Positive engagement

and a sense of competition is created by friendly, grade appropriate leader

boards, using avatar names.

Image by Thomas Park