Gamified - Online Assessments

Exceeding 500 000 Online Assessments

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A substantial commitment by Tate is made in order to  make learning fun. We have however an equally strong commitment to ensure that our fun does not compromise learning study quality and educational value. At the current rate at which our teaching team adds assessments we will be exceeding 500 000 online assessments by 2021. This is a substantial portfolio of learning experiences for students. The benefits gained are substantial:

  • Each online assessment is gamified

  • Instant assessment is provided through fuzzy logic and built-in Artificial Intelligence

  • The value of instant assessment is directly related to a student’s modern learning style, consisting of repetitive trying and failing until success is achieved. At Tate however, the experience is - as in game - instant, this allows the student to instantly retry a question until he or she succeeds

Variety of Question Styles and Formats 

Tate online assessments use Tate Game Coins rather than traditional test marks as performance motivators. Coins are earned for correct answers, correct spelling, number of attempts, word order and content.

Assessments are presented in a game setting using a variety of Multimedia components, allowing responses to be provided as: Free Style Text, Picture Matching, Word Matching, True/False, Multiple Choice and many more assessment approaches. Our assessment software technology uses capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to assess responses to accommodate situations where a response is correct, even though spelling may not be completely accurate. 
Assessments, as in most games can be time-based and attempt based as well as proficiency level based.

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Rocket Car
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