Online Lesson Plans

More than 15 000 Study Objectives and approaching 47 000 Online Lesson Plans


The exceptionally well designed curriculum of Tate International School has been digitised in a manner that is suitable for all students from Grade 1 to 12. At Tate we achieve the following:

  • The Curriculum Framework has more than 15 000 Study Objectives

  • Each of these Objectives are linked to our creative Online Lesson Plans and Online Assessments

  • The capability allows our online platform to provide instant feedback to the student, teacher/tutor and parents of the achieved study objective

  • This enables the student and teacher to focus on problematic subject areas and to practice other subject matter that needs consolidation 

  • Our ever growing portfolio of fresh and new Lesson Plans and Assessments will shortly exceed 47 000 lesson plans, giving our students the widest possible fun and an interactive direct learning experience, in almost any online environment

Student Personalisation

Each student has his or her own login credentials. These credentials are linked to their own custom Time-Table, which navigates to the Subject Home Page, Lesson Plans and Assessments.

Our teachers have provided a range of Multimedia components to ensure student Engagement from the onset of each lesson. Lessons contain Video's, Website Links, Downloadable Material as well as a range of study tips, notes and guides.

The interactivity of each Lesson Plan allows the student to make Lesson Specific Notes, upload assignments, all of which are retrievable for review by the student, at any time. 

Student Personal Page

At Tate we believe in the individualism of each student. Therefore, from the onset, we planned for each student to be able to customise their Tate World. ​

Each student has the capability to create their own Avatar. As part of our gamification, fellow students rate each other's Avatars and score Tate Coins in doing so. 
Students can select their own background images in order to customise their learning experience.
Each Avatar has a voice. The purpose of this functionality is to  allow Text-to-Speech synthesis of our Lesson Plans, giving the capability that a full lesson plan can be read to a student. Students can select from 24 Voice personalities and adjust the voice criteria to levels that suit them best.


Grade-4 Science Subject Page