Our Offer to Home Schools & Cottage Schools

Use our all-in-one administration Platform


Tate World has been designed to support Home & Cottage Style Schooling on an international standard. This tool is ideally suited for you, especially if you are considering homeschooling or already running a small cottage school. These are some of the main benefits you can expect from the system:

  • No Capital Cost to develop a system

  • Simple, easy to use administration in order to manage, not only your child/students, but also to provide direct feedback to parents

  • Virtually no administration such as report writing, assessments, curriculum planning and lesson planning - all has been done for you - the system is a complete ready to use platform for you.

  • Brand the platform as your own and simply enrol your students, start accepting your payments online and rest assured that you have a high quality curriculum, with a growing up-to-date portfolio of lesson plans and assessments

  • Our team will assist you with the complete setup and roll-out to your students and parents. 

Contact Nikki or Lieze to enquire about the use of our platform