Kim Roehrig

Hi Nikki,

Our beautiful, kind, sensitive and fun loving daughter was struggling so badly with anxiety in her former school.  The pressure was just too much for her to handle.  She is now the first to wake in the mornings singing with joy to go to school.  On Fridays when I fetch her she says how much she is going to miss school and her friends over the weekend.  Thank you Tate International for giving us our sunshine little girl back.  We are forever indebted to you. 

Anneline Amann

To the Tate International Team

I would like to just thank you all for the constant effort you put into each individual child ,  bringing out their best qualities and making them shine. Thank you for identifying that each child is different and special in his/her own way and praising that.  I am grateful for finally finding a holistic school who’s focus is on developing Emotional intelligence, not only academics. Thank you for always caring and creating a safe space for my daughter to develop her full potential.

Kind regards


Georgia-Anne du Toit

Hi Nikki,

I struggle to put words onto paper ,  so I hope that the below makes sense!! I'm much better at speaking from my heart than writing it down! 

Our Testimony ~


Tate International School has changed our lives and we are so blessed to be a part of this amazing school. The passion, vision and dreams that Nikki and Lieze and the staff of the school have encourages and impacts not only the learners of the school but the parents too in such a wonderful way. I have seen the immense changes in my child in just a few months since starting at Tate International and I continue to see the positive changes in him daily, not only academically but emotionally. The way in which Tate International encourages children to be who they are , to not feel like a failure just because they learn differently from other children and to reassure them that they are and will succeed is the most rewarding and beautiful thing to witness. 
Thank you to Lieze and Nikki and the staff for accepting, loving and encouraging children everyday to flourish and strive to be the best they can be without judgement and ridicule. We have finally found a school where we belong and feel the positivity that

Tate International School delivers

~ Georgia Du Toit  ~ 

Diane Mac Mahon

I always remember the day I met with Lieze to discuss my son's needs, his disastrous school journey up until meeting her, with me desperately trying to find a place where he belonged.  I remember our one-hour appointment stretched way longer but she made time for me.

Within 20 minutes, Lieze assured me this was his place, to bring him the very next day to visit the school (in the middle of the school term nogal).

Well, as they say, the rest is history.  My son visited the school the next day, very anxious and nervous, but was immediately made to feel welcome and loved for the unique human being that he is.  Needless to say, he didn't return to his other school, stayed at Tate and is content and comfortable in this wonderful nurturing school environment  I have always found Nikki and Lieze to be most accommodating and welcoming, spending hours with me explaining, guiding and assuring me.  In fact, all the teachers are dedicated and very special people.

I thank all the wonderful leaders and teachers for their dedication and commitment to helping the children learn and develop into well mannered and highly functioning young adults.

May your wonderful place of learning grow from strength to strength.

Diane Mac Mahon

Georgi Swanepoel

Tate International has changed the lives of my kids and ourselves. The teachers are focussed on the needs of each child and I am able to go back to being a parent instead of a teacher!

Andrea Desfarges

It’s such a pleasure fetching my child from school knowing how much he’s enjoyed himself during the day. 
The teachers care so much and work with every child individually.


Gillian Evans

Hello Nikki,

Here we go...

Tate International School has been a life changer for my son and our family.  It is by far the best decision we could have EVER made for him.  Learning is exciting and practical in a small classroom environment.  I have my happy and confident son back who wants to go to school!

If your child doesn't fit into the mainstream mould, this school is definitely for you.

Thank you Tate International School! 

Short and sweet x

Fatima Razzak

Lieze & Nikki

Thank you for ALL the support shown towards I’jaaz and my family in the last 3 years, we chose home schooling because his dad was really sick and your program suited us. His grades have escalated because of the small and individual classes. Looks like he s on his way to distinction s in his last year with you. Thanks to every teacher involved through all his grades.
Fatima Razzak

Mandy Blank

Dear all,


This school was recommended to me by Neurodiversity, a psychology practice. My girls are neuro  diverse, they are differently gifted.

They were facing emotional and academic challenges in the education system.


We have been at Tate International School since 2016. As parents and staff we’ve have the absolute joy of watching these young ladies discover their strengths and find tools to skill them in their weaknesses. My girls are thankful for MIMS. It’s helped them immensely.


I am thankful for excellent caliber of the teachers and curriculum. We are preparing them for the global village. As a parent it is so refreshing to be able to be part of your child’s community and to feel the door is open to you.


This school is futuristic in it’s approach and incredible environment for every child.


Warm regards,


Jenny Douglas

Dear Nikki,

They say it is easy to sell something that you love which explains why I often find myself discussing Tate International School with friends, acquaintances and sometimes even total strangers. I get overly enthusiastic and downright bossy when I tell them with total conviction that they absolutely HAVE TO enroll their kids in this school. It's easy because I know TIS is the best.


Both my boys have grown academically, emotionally and holistically in an enormous way since starting their journey with TIS. The love, care and support from the entire staff is evident at all times.  They are always enthusiastic and fully engaged and take an active role in getting to know ALL the students and ALL the parents across ALL the grades which really makes it feel like family.  It takes a village and at TIS we truly are one.


I love the open door policy.  I feel that I can offer my opinion about anything at anytime and I will always receive fair consideration.  As a parent it is amazing to feel like I am part of a collective consciousness and that I am helping to co-create this amazing environment.  This is the future of education in our country and TIS are the pioneers, I am so grateful to be part of the process.

Jenny Douglas

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