The Tate Online Education Platform

  • Our Curriculum is systemised and enables us to ensure quality, efficient reporting to parents, teachers and our students. Above all it ensures consistency throughout our schools.

  • We own the custom designed and built technology platform of Tate.

  • It is a key differentiator that enables us to grow to any number of schools nationally.

  • It creates virtual classrooms to call a home, and portfolios of learning that we and our students can be proud of.

  • Allows for connecting and collaborating in real-time on mobile and desktop platforms.

  • Provides user friendly world class collaboration features to enable interactive participation between teachers, parents and students as a team.

  • Enables classroom communities with real-time teacher and peer feedback, and inspire each other to succeed.

  • Responsive real-time feedback employing useful positive  failure assessment in line with formative assessment strategy.  

Ideal for Distance Learning & Home Schooling

  • ​Useful failure teaches you what isn’t working. The sooner you accept what isn’t working, the sooner you can change your trajectory and means of learning. 

  • Plenty of practical activities alongside just enough theory for students to integrate with their current knowledge framework.

  • Invite reflection and engagement, and a chance for students to develop crucial independent thinking skills

  • Creating Peer Group Teamed coaching, pairing the Strongest with Weakest, 2nd Strongest with 2nd Weakest, etc 

  • Through a safe gaming environment that teaches what successes the student must repeat and through safe, frequent and positive failure what to change to achieve success.

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